House of the Dragon Quotes: Season 1 Episode 8 (Spoilers Alert)

It’s another exciting episode for the House of the Dragon. The episode started with the petition to the successor of the Driftmark by Ser Vaemond against one of the children of Rhaenyra Targaryen, six years after the absent of Lord Corlys Velaryon.

But the main story of the eighth episode tells the last days of King Viserys Targaryen and his brave involvement to help his princess daughter. Kudos to Paddy Considine for beautifully portraying King Viserys.

Check out the best quotes in this episode of HOTD:

I am the Sea Snake’s own blood,
the closest kin he has left.


But it’s not a king who sits
the Iron Throne these days, good-sister.
It’s a queen.


A king should honor the traditions
of his forbears.


Ability does not alter his claim.

Lyman Beesbury

Ah… Viserys.
Now that is a name fit for a king.


And though I believe you are not to
blame, others might not be so trusting.
They might think you were trying
to besmirch the Prince, or worse…
that you’re the sort of girl that might
have enticed him in the first place.


I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to,
and I try so…
I try so hard, but it will never
be enough for you or father.


It doesn’t matter what they think.


You are right in this, at least.
It does not matter.
You can bargain with me all you like.
Bring my granddaughter
with you to soften my resolve.
But tomorrow,
the High towers land their first blow.
They force you to your knees…
and I must stand alone.


You told me
it was our duty to hold
the realm united against a common foe.
By naming me heir,
you divided the realm.
I thought I wanted it.
But the burden is a heavy one.
It’s too heavy.


If you wish me to
bear it, then defend me.
And my children.


This is about the future
and survival of my house, not yours.


I will sit the throne today.


You… may run your house
as you see fit…
but you will not decide
the future of mine.


The Stranger has visited me more times than I can count, Grand Maester. I assure you… he cares little whether my eyes are open or closed.


You can play the jester if you wish, but hold your tongue before my betrothed.


Let us no longer hold
ill feelings in our hearts.
The crown cannot stand strong
if the House of the Dragon
remains divided.
But set aside your grievances.
If not for the sake of the crown…
then for the sake of this old man
who loves you all
so dearly.


Beware the beast beneath the boards.


Don’t you remember?
Aegon…To unite the realm
against the cold… and the dark.
It is you.
You are the one.
You must do this.