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39 Memorable Money Heist Quotes: Best Lines from La Casa de Papel

“In matters of the heart, there is the lover and the beloved. The lover lives with passion, full commitment, and romanticism. The beloved is limited to being idolized.” – Palermo

“You can’t time love! You have to live it.” – Berlin

“Boom, boom ciao.” – Nairobi

“Love is like two people on a seesaw. When one goes up, the other goes down. The balance is always fckd. Thanks to time, monotony, or because of like me, we only know one way to get rid of pain: by giving it back.” – Tokyo

“Everything can go to hell in less than a second. In moments like this, you feel death creeping in, and you know nothing will ever be the same. But you need to do whatever it takes to survive.” – Tokyo


“…but I guess that’s nostalgia, finding out that moments from the past, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, were true happiness!” – Tokyo

“Things we can’t see affect our lives much more than we think.” – Tokyo

“Everyone has a sniper aiming at their heart. But the true terror arrives when that bullet doesn’t hit you… but takes out someone you love.” – Tokyo

“There’s always happier days to remember. And the more fckd up things are, the happier those days seem to be.” – Tokyo

“Two words that should never go together collided in his heart: love and death.” – Tokyo

“They say love can move worlds but the truth is, hate can be just as strong.” – Tokyo