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39 Memorable Money Heist Quotes: Best Lines from La Casa de Papel

“Besides, nostalgia can be seductive. We find it hard to let go of the memories because we think that they are happy moments, but they’re not. What we’ll do tomorrow requires us to think about the present. Not the past. That’s all that matters.” – The Professor

“There are moments in life where you should be able to have a remote control, so you could stop it. Even if just for five minutes. But some things happen with irreverent obscenity, there’s nothing you can do.” – Tokyo

“The most important moments are the ones that make you realize there’s no turning back. You’ve crossed a line, and you’re stuck on the other side now.” – Tokyo

“Women are always quicker to move on. You should be warned, just in case.” – Berlin

“Let the matriarchy begin.” – Nairobi


“Listen, in this world, everything is governed by a simple balance: what you can win and what you can lose. And right now, they think they have nothing to lose. And when you think you have nothing to lose, you get stronger. Well, we will show them how much they have to lose.” – The Professor

“Death can be the greatest opportunity of your life.” – Berlin

“Paradise is wonderful when your life is dull, full of traffic, so you go there to escape.” – Tokyo

“I imagine in every paradise, the same thing happens. In the end, someone always bites the apple and everything goes to shit.” – Tokyo

“You can’t deny your DNA. Never.” – Bogotá

“That’s the lesson: nothing is free. Everything we do has consequences.” – Tokyo